Are You Ready To Face Your Tech Overwhelm?

We all need a little hand-holding sometimes.

So Many Tools, So Little Time…

There’s a ton of tools out there for authors to use.

Let’s figure out which ones make sense for you.

You Don’t Know Where to Start When It Comes

To Using Tech to Grow Your Author Platform.

So Many Questions About Tech Tools…


What email service provider should I use?

How do I set up an opt-in on my website?

What’s the best way to get my book into the hands of readers and reviewers?


Tech Chat

A One Hour Ask Me Anything-style Chat

What’s Included?

60 Minute Chat

We’ll meet on Zoom to go over all your questions and find solutions to your needs. Don’t know what to ask? No worries– I’ll get us started!

Meeting Recap

After our call, you’ll get a recording of our chat, plus links and notes about resources discussed in our chat, along with next steps.

Who is this perfect for?


  • The About-To-Be-First-Time Author Starting from Zero
  • The Published Author Looking For More Readers
  • The Self-Proclaimed Technophobe
  • The Busy Author With No Time for Figuring Stuff Out

What’s the Investment?



What They’re Saying!

It was a terrific conversation… You have renewed my attitude and inspired me to get this done and see where we go. Thank you so much… I, for the first time in many years, feel I  have a partnership I can fully trust.

– Carolyn Schrader, Author

Nancy is the right-hand lady that every author needs in her life. She’s an excellent sounding board, and has a passion for finding solutions that make sense for my business. I can always count on her to be level-headed and keep our company goals on track.

– Alexa Bigwarfe, WritePublishSell and Women in Publishing Summit

Meet Your Solutions Finder

Hey, I'm Nancy!

If you told me ten years ago that I’d be an author assistant, I probably would’ve let loose a sarcastic “yeah right.” Definitely too good to be true. But here I am. I was a high school English teacher in my former life, I’ve always been a book nerd, and harbored a secret desire to work in publishing. I also knew that the traditonal 9-5 office grind was not for me. Both my parents are their own bosses, so it’s really no surprise that I’m here, running my own business, helping authors get their books into the hands of readers.

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