Why I love Dreamhost

I have been a DreamHost customer since 2010. I had to look that up after I started this post because I knew I’d been using DreamHost for a long time but I couldn’t remember exactly how long. Actually, I was using DreamHost since before 2010, as a user on someone else’s account. That’s how I knew that it was a good company to use– my initial experience as a user was a great one. I considered myself pretty web-savvy but there were a bunch of things I didn’t know and was learning as I went along. So, I had my fair share of interactions with DreamHost customer support. Lots of HALP THINGS ARE BROKEN AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Even though I’m not a customer that spends a lot of money, I still get wonderful support with quick response times and my problems are always resolved in a fairly timely manner. I really like that about DreamHost and it’s the number one reason I recommend this hosting company to anyone that asks. Because, really, every hosting company these days offers pretty  much the same things– one-click install of WordPress, email, domain registration, and whatever else you need. So what makes DreamHost stand out is it’s awesome customer service.

Why am I telling you all this? I’ll be straight with you.  I’m a DreamHost affiliate and I want you to try it! (Um, if you’re sold at this point, go right ahead and get your own DreamHost account.)

There might be a few reasons why you’re thinking about using DreamHost.


You’re still using a hosted website. If your URL is xxx.wordpress.com or xxx.blogspot.com, then you are using a hosted site. Hosted sites are free but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. When using a hosted site, you have limited control over the look and feel of your website and if you want monetize your site, hosted site companies usually have restrictions on the type of advertising you can use. Hosted sites also don’t seem as professional, since you don’t have your own domain.


You hate your current hosting company. I know, hate is a strong word! Like I said before, most hosting companies offer pretty much the same thing, and it’s the customer service that distinguishes one company from another. So, when someone is unhappy with a hosting service’s customer service, they are usually REALLY unhappy. It strikes more of an emotional chord. If someone is trying to make a living off their blog, or building a business, and she can’t get the support she needs when she needs it, then, yeah, hate is going to come into play. Definitely very strong DISLIKE.


You are starting from scratch! You need a good hosting company, and you want something that is easy to use. Dreamhost offers one-click installs of WordPress and a bunch of other CMS, too. It’s easy to hit the ground running because you just pick your domain name, select “Fully Host,” install your CMS (WordPress or whatever) and there you are…LIVE, on the INTERNET. It’s very exciting. Also, welcome to the 21st Century.

Here’s my blingy Dreamhost button. Just click on that when you’re ready to sign up for awesome web hosting!

Dreamhost Self-Hosted Webhosting Plans


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