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Newsletters and Email Sequences

Email is still the best way to nurture our audience. Whether you need your email copy polished up, or written from scratch, we’ll work together to craft a relationship with your audience. 

Book Reviewer Search

Need help finding readers to review your book? I’ll put together a list of potential reviewers, delivered in a spreadsheet that will help you track communications with the reviewers.  Just fill out this form to get started! 

Publicity Pitching

Let podcasters and media outlets get the word out there about your book. I develop a list of niche podcasts to pitch, and help faciliate the booking process. 

Marketing Strategy Implementation

You’ve got a marketing strategy, but no time to put it into action. Hand it over to me, and I’ll get you started. 


Author Business Systems

You’re not just an author. You’re also a business. You need systems created and processes developed to help your author business run smoothly.  



Your website needs traffic-attracting content.  Whether you write your own posts or you need help shaping an outline into a post, I’ll make sure the SEO is up to par, your copy is edited for clarity and grammar, and your post is formatted properly. 

How I Work + Pricing

I love looking at the whole picture with authors.  This means that I am rarely doing just one service for an author– it’s all connected! For this reason, my services are priced hourly, rather than a flat rate. This allows me to be flexible with your budget, and offer added value, with no worries about exceeding the limits of a package!

Currently, my services are priced at $40/hr, with the exception of my book reviewer search package, which is $100. 

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