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Social Media Engagement And Your VA


Yesterday morning, I sat in on an awesome seminar with Sasha Gray of Scattered Sasha called Facebook UnScattered. I tell you, I have been doing this social media “thing” for a long time, long before I started my business (coming up on 1 year, BTW!) but still, I learned so much from our session with Sasha.

If you don’t know Sasha Gray, she is pretty much the QUEEN of Facebook engagement. Anytime anyone posts a question about Facebook in a group, you can bet that someone will tag Sasha. She knows what’s up.  Here’s the thing though: I was listening to the session with two minds– the seminar was geared towards people who do their own social media but I also do social media for OTHER people, my clients. What I was reminded of in this session is that engagement is all about letting people get to know you through creative and original memes, spontaneous selfie shots and your random thoughts, none of which is necessarily related to your actual business.

So, what happens when you have a VA scheduling your social media?  Unless your VA is your best bud or something, chances are, you and your VA don’t know each other well. You hired the VA to keep your Facebook feed from looking sad and lonely, right?  For my clients, I’m finding and posting business-related content, creating quote (either famous ones or from a client’s body of work)  memes, and I’m sharing content from similar pages. But I’m not posting that in-the-moment selfie or a long, introspective post.

A VA can fill a major void for you and take a lot off your plate, but your VA can’t be YOU. Engagement is more than just putting up a meme here and there.  To truly engage, you have to make yourself available to your followers, and develop your own relationship with them. I mean, you COULD hire a VA to basically be you and sit in front of Facebook all day, engaging like gangbusters.  But LBR, that’s not an economic or efficient use of your time and money. Think about it this way: you hire a babysitter to mind your child, but you are the one actually raising and nurturing your child, and leaving your imprint on your child. As a VA, I’m minding the bits and pieces of your social media marketing.  Hiring a VA to help with your social media doesn’t mean you get to be hands-off that part of your business.


So, what should a virtual assistant do, and what should you, the client, do?

Your virtual assistant can:
  • Use your original content and turn them into shareable memes (Sasha actually covers this in her seminar, and it was really helpful to know exactly what the criteria is for a shareable meme).
  • Source content related to some aspect of your business and schedule it to share.
  • Schedule content that YOU’VE created, for you.
  • Respond to comments and answer questions, if able to do so.
  • Leave comments on other pages as your page, or thank another page for sharing something from your page.
What you should do:
  • Post spontaneously, outside of the schedule your VA is using.
  • Write longer, more reflective posts that are more personal. (You can write these outside of FB and have your VA post them, though!)
  • Personally respond to comments that strike a chord with you, or answer questions that your VA can’t answer.
  • Share content that you feel compelled to share, whether or not it’s related to your business.




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