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A Writing Workbook For First-Time Authors

When I first started working  with Alexa Bigwarfe, owner of Write Publish Sell and producer of the Women in Publishing Summit, I thought self-published books were mainly written by YA or romance novelists. But it turned out that most, if not all, of Alexa’s clients were writing books to grow their business or position themselves as experts in their field. After helping dozens of authors produce books like these, Alexa wrote a writing workbook for would-be authors who were having a hard time jumpstarting the writing process.

Ditch the Fear and Just Write It!: The No-Excuses Power Plan to Start Your First Book is the next best thing to having someone like Alexa shepherding you through the book writing process. This workbook takes you through the process of starting your book over 12 weeks, with action-oriented tips that will set you up for success, including ways to keep yourself accountable, writing your outline, turning the outline into a draft, and mindset work to help you get past mental obstacles. Each week starts with goal-setting and releasing your fears, and every day, there is an affirmation exercise as well as space to write your goals for the day. Throughout the book,  you’ll find inspirational stories from women who successfully grew their businesses by writing a book.

I highly recommend this writing workbook if you are ready to start your first book, but you can’t quite figure out what’s holding you back, and you need some hand-holding through the process!

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